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Touch and Vision. A show by Orange Dot / David Kraftsow / Jack Thomas

Audio: Touch & Vision by Walls

Track exert | Made exclusively made for Touch & Vision



Movie Illustrations

by Massimo Carnevale


Douglas Coupland



Illustrator, Designer | Lara Mendes - Since a few years ago, I’ve been learning (by myself) tattooing. It’s a long journey but I’m giving a shot. Lately I’ve been working with an appointment system in a Tattoo Shop so, I’ve been creating original designs to call my customers. These are the last ones.

This guy will inspire you to get off your ass and do summin.

poor worm :(
Next level face painting by Pin Pin Co. 

Next level face painting by Pin Pin Co. 

Brain damage? 
Just for a laugh…
Kiss a fish ;) 

Call for Submissions: Touch and Vision

A great opportunity is on the cards guys. The Tate Modern has opened a huge concrete oil tank below the gallery – left untouched for around 30 years!

With such an enormous space at our fingertips, you would think we should do something kind of extraordinary…

Tattoo lady. 
Roby Dwi Antono
Dope collage.